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Stoller Patents

As a world leader in biostimulant development and plant physiology research, Stoller has a number of patents related to our technology. Below are our U.S. patents.

  • US 8207091 – Methods for improving growth and crop productivity of plants by adjusting plant hormone levels, ratios, and/or co-factors
  • US 8252722 – Controlling plant pathogens and pests with applied or induced auxins.
  • US 8932987 – Composition and method for stress mitigation in plants.
  • US 9220270 – Methods for applying diformylurea to crops for greater plant productivity
  • US 9326452 – Plant growth mixture enhancing deep plant root growth and signaling for drought tolerance
  • US 9920001 – Method for enhancing the rate of the formation of the reaction product of a carboxylic acid and urea via acid addition
  • US 10104883 – Non-aqueous solution of plant-growth regulator(s) and polar and/or semi-polar organic solvent(s)
  • US 10194658 – High concentration low VOC liquid gibberellin
  • US 10405551 – Managing ethylene in plants using a synergistic agricultural formula comprising diacyl or diaryl urea and at least one metal complex
  • US 10645942 – Synergistic formulation including at least one gibberellin compound and salicylic acid