Stoller California

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Less Stress. More Yield.

Our Products

Stoller products combine our proprietary technology with supporting nutrients to help you get the most from every plant. Our protocols establish and maintain hormonal balance at key stages of development to help your crop withstand stresses that limit optimum growth and higher yield.


Every Stoller product is backed by proven science and manufactured from high-quality, technical-grade ingredients to help your plants function more efficiently and consistently. 

Commercial Fertilizers

Products containing 5 percent or more of nitrogen (N), available phosphoric acid (P2O5), or soluble potash (K2O), singly or collectively distributed in this state for promoting or stimulating plant growth.

DPR Registered Products

Stoller products are registered with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Packaged Agricultural Minerals

Products with nitrogen (N), available phosphoric acid (P2O5), and soluble potash (K2O), singly or in combination, in amounts less than 5 percent or any substance only containing recognized essential secondary nutrients or micronutrients distributed as a source of these nutrients for the purpose of promoting plant growth.